Covid19 – How the Practice is adapting and what changes to expect.


You are seeking a ‘hands on’ osteopathic treatment and understand that it is impossible to maintain social distancing during your session. You must have been free of any Covid symptoms for at least 7 days before seeking treatment. The most common symptoms of Covid19 are:

  1. A persistent dry cough.
  2. Fever.
  3. Sore throat.
  4. Loss of sense of taste or smell(without a blocked nose).
  5. Extreme fatigue.
  6. Difficulty breathing.
  7. Muscle and joint aches.

• When you book your appointment you will be asked whether you have any of these symptoms. We will call you just prior to your appointment to check whether you have developed them.

• People can be infectious for up to a week before they show any symptoms. 

• If you have been in recent contact with anyone who has these symptoms or later develops them please call us before you come.

• If you begin to develop these symptoms in the week after your appointment please contact us as you may have been infectious when you attended.

• If you or any of your contacts develop symptoms we will suggest alternatives to face to face consultations.

• We will not be treating if there is the slightest suspicion that either the osteopath, their contacts or you or your contacts have Covid19 symptoms.

Your treatment

• We ask you to come alone but if you need assistance you can be accompanied by one member of your household. Please do not arrive early for your appointment. Press the doorbell and wait outside the practice until you are greeted.

• The practitioner will wear a face-mask and you will be asked to sanitise your hands before the treatment. Please wear your face mask at all times.

• The osteopath will not wear disposable gloves but will be thoroughly washing their hands between patients. The pillowcase and treatment table will be covered with disposable paper and have wipeable covers to be cleaned between patients.

• The treatments may be slightly shorter to allow for thorough cleaning of all surfaces, chairs, handles, taps and to allow for patient distancing.

• Certain face to face techniques may be avoided. There will be no other personnel in the practice and you will be seen straight away with no waiting. 

• The practice benefits from an efficient ventilation system that exchanges the stale air in your treatment room for fresh outside air multiple times during the session. 

• Sessions can be paid in full using a contactless card and you can book follow up appointments by phone.

Covid19 is a novel virus. The vast majority of patients have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, a small minority become extremely ill and a tiny minority die. Statistical evidence indicates that those most at risk of severe illness are the elderly, the obese, people in BAME groups and those with co-morbidities such as heart disease, diabetes, and lung conditions. If you are not in a vulnerable group we believe your risks to be extremely low. 

You must understand that it is impossible to completely remove the risk of infection during the course of your treatment. Your practitioner also recognises that they may pick up the virus from you. The infection risk during an osteopathic treatment may be similar to, or lower than: visiting shops or working in an office. There is a balance between the risk and the benefit of every action we take. We believe that patients with severe musculo-skeletal pain should be able to assess the risks of a treatment against the immediate and long term benefits of pain relief. However the final decision on whether treatment is appropriate for you or safe for the osteopath is at our discretion.

Charles Berger (Principle Osteopath)