Viruses – It’s their world, we just live in it!

Viruses existed long before the dawn of humans and will survive long after we’ve gone. We have developed a means of surviving and thriving in their world. It’s called the immune system and it’s founded on exposure to nasties. The best way to optimise a healthy immune system is by socialising with other people.

If you have a weak immune system you need to self isolate, this has always been true, if you are in a vulnerable group you are at higher risk. Lockdown keeps poorly people well but may well make healthy people poorly! All other pandemics through history have been fought by quarantining the vulnerable. This is the first time we have locked up the healthy.

Immune systems require socialisation in order to build strength and be effective. Isolation, stress and lack of sunlight and fresh air will have weakened even a healthy immune system. The lockdown is starting to ease so if you are well get out as much as possible, get some sun and exercise, everyone should take vitamins D, C and Zinc, these are all known to boost the immune system. Contact with viruses is inevitable and it is your immune system that will protect you from them. Begin the training now, prepare it, feed it and it will be ready for you.