Arthritis is often seen as a permanent degenerative condition that cannot be treated. Although it is true that structural changes in a joint cannot be reversed, osteopathy can slow down the onset of arthritis, improving the joint movement and reducing pain.

Arthritis occurs when the normally smooth cartilage becomes roughened and the joint becomes inflamed. The muscles around the joint tighten up. This is a protective reaction which reduces movement and prevents injury to a damaged joint, unfortunately the tight muscles compress the joint surfaces together and result in further deterioration, inflammation, muscle fibrosis and changes in the shape of the joint. This vicious cycle gradually reduces joint mobility leading to severe disability.

Osteopathic techniques break the cycle of muscle tightness. This will reduce joint compression and slow down the erosion of the joint, inflammation is reduced and the joint is able to function with greater efficiency

Patients benefit from greatly reduced pain and better mobility enabling them to return to normal activities.