Your first visit


Your first consultation takes 1 hour and follow up treatments are about 40 minutes.

You will be asked about your symptoms, past medical history, lifestyle and activities. Many of these questions will be similar to those asked by a doctor. If you are taking several prescription medications it is very helpful to write a list.

We will then ask you to remove some items of your outer clothing (underwear is not removed). The examination enables us to see any structural abnormalities or posture problems and to see how you move. We then feel the quality of the tissue (palpation).

A combination of the case history, medical and osteopathic testing and palpation enables us to decide which tissue is causing the pain and why. Sometimes further tests are required and can be arranged privately or through your GP.

If osteopathic treatment is appropriate for you, the reasons for your symptoms, a treatment plan and type of treatment will be discussed. We will be honest with you regarding expected outcomes and how many treatments might be needed.

DSC08124We normally give you advice on stretching, posture and exercise.

As a general rule, young people with acute (recent) injuries respond quickly and require fewer treatments. As patients age they tend to pick up chronic (long term) problems. The longer they have lived with a particular condition the more likely it is that they will benefit from regular treatment..

What should I wear for the treatment?

Wear shorts, leggings or underwear in which you feel comfortable. Removal of clothing is not compulsory and we can treat with clothing on although this makes it more difficult.

Osteopaths undergo a rigorous 5 year training and continual learning, and are individually registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). All Osteopaths are fully insured. The credentials of any Osteopath can be checked in the Statutory Register of Osteopaths.