What our patients say


“Both myself and my wife have seen Tom recently and would have to say in 20 years of visiting osteopaths that Tom is an utter genius at his craft. He is one of the best osteopaths we have ever seen, is very personable, gives amazing and successful treatment and can wholeheartedly recommend anyone with back pain needing treatment to see him. On a scale of 1 – 5 Stars would give Tom a 6 Stars for his abilities! A beacon of excellence.” John. N


“The treatment from Charles is excellent. Not only has the pain decreased but through his knowledge and experience I have a good understanding of what causes my back and knee pain, how to manage it, and a better understanding of my body as a whole. The service and customer care is superb at Wallington Green.  Friendly, accessible, supportive and honest. I would highly recommend. I have tried a few osteopaths and he is by far the best.”   Anna. W


“I have been visiting Charles for approximately 4 years and am very pleased with the continuous warm welcome and professionalism I receive each and every time without fail. Charles is an excellent osteopath and is very thorough and makes you feel very welcome and relaxed.  Not to mention Fern – who is always happy, smiling and welcoming. She’s an added bonus to Wallington Green Osteopaths”.   T. H.


“I went to Charles with a hip issue hoping he could reduce the pain I often felt on standing awkwardly. He succeed in leaving me pain free, explained in detail the treatment I needed and recommending 4 initial sessions rather than trying to extend my treatment. I currently go once a year for a check up, and the team are exceptionally professional, approachable and friendly.

I have recommended several friends and relations to Charles, and they would all sing his praises!”  Gemma. W

“A caring and empathetic osteopath with good clinical skills.”   Geoff. C

“I first went to see Charles 13 years ago because I had pain in my right shoulder and neck and my back felt tight in lots of different areas. After my first session, I already felt a lot looser, more open and the ache in my shoulder went after 4 sessions. I found the overall treatment to be a very pleasant and helpful experience. Charles made me feel extremely relaxed in a very warm, friendly and comfortable environment.”    C. H


“You are both so welcoming and so professional!It is so comforting to know if anyone has an urgent problem, you Charles, will move mountains to fit them in and make them more comfortable!”   Carol. B


“Anyone who has suffered a prolapsed disc, long-term sciatica or general muscle/ligament pain, as I have over the years, will know how painful, demoralising & debilitating it can be to live with with and how challenging it can be to find suitable relief. At Wallington Green Osteopaths, right from the very start of contacting them and booking your appointment through Fern, you are welcomed with personal care & consideration that provides total reassurance that you have come to the right place. Charles has been my Osteopath for many years and has treated me through very stressful times, horrendous lower back and leg pain, and now providing on-going treatment to manage sciatica and lower back/leg, and occasional neck & shoulder, pain. In addition to his approachability, good nature & genuine empathy, Charles has fantastic knowledge of the goings on with my joints/bones/muscles and when I say ‘he can feel my pain’ it is exactly what he does as he skilfully locates to pin point precision exactly where things are going wrong and remedies that. I still live with the aftermath of a prolapsed disc and occasional mini bouts of sciatica which I know for sure would be a constant torment in my life were it not for my regular on-going management treatment with Charles. So much so, at 50+, this has given me the confidence, well-being & inner peace to continue to enjoy to the full my two greatest passions, drumming & horse riding. No, not kidding!”    F. D. S.


“Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t recommend Tom enough. It really is the best £50 I have ever spent. Totally fixed me. Just wish I went sooner but thankfully I found them and they have fixed me within a week. MASSIVE thanks.”   Carly


I have had 2 sessions with Tom this week…
I could truly hardly walk..
I was in total agony..
He has got me mobile again..
Highly recommended..”   T. A. G


“Have always been able to get an appointment, friendly staff and Charles has magic hands…he always fixes my back. Thank you.”    Rachel. W


“I would like to thank Tom for my recent visit to loosen up a very stiff back, even when I attend as a preventative measure, without any particular issue, either Tom or Charles have me leaving with confidence that my back is ‘in a good place’, which is ultra important for me as a Personal Trainer. Thank you Wallington Green Osteopaths.”   Neil. C


“Charles is great! Professional and knows his craft! Would highly recommend him.”    Rhonda. C


“Fantastic fantastic. Went on the 2nd March. With the worst lower back pain ever and sciatica which went into my legs. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t sleep. Charles was absolutely brilliant with a full examination and I learnt things about my back and legs I never knew. Within 3 weeks I feel so much better, never thought I would be able to be pain free again but here I am. Will definitely be coming back on a regular to just relax and let my body relax. Charles is superb and such a nice guy!”    Joe. W


“I’ve been visiting the practice for about 4 years now and always receive such a fantastic service from Charles and his team. Charles has tended to my ongoing back and neck issues with the greatest of care, helping me improve my health and that of my son too. He also offers great advice on posture and general health. I highly recommend this practice! ”  Nadira. P


“Amazing service and place! Tom is a fantastic osteopath and really takes the time to understand his clients and your pains in order to deliver the right treatment. His service is incredible and I would highly recommend him.”   Shaun


“Went to WGO back in March, and Tom was able to get rid of the horrible tension in my shoulder. He knew straight away where and what was causing the pain. Tom also recommended great aftercare exercises too.”   J.J


“Charles came highly recommended by a group of mums I know so we decided to take our daughter when she showed a preference to turning her head more freely to one side then the other. Charles did a great job of assessing her and helped ease the tightness in her neck.
Charles was very honest with us and said we probably wouldn’t need to come back if the tightness stayed away. Not like some osteopaths that seem to find a problem just to keep taking your £££.” Holly. D

“I have seen Tom for a number of different issues over the years, including back pain and most recently shoulder pain. He is absolutely fantastic! He is so knowledgeable and explains everything so clearly. He always gives me exercises to go away with and genuinely cares about his patients! Would 100% recommend!” Samatha. H