Author: Charles

What’s changed since May

The virus almost disappeared during the hot summer months. Now as we move into winter, Covid19 – like all respiratory viruses is infecting more and more people. Is the virus less dangerous to us than before the lockdown? Social distancing, face masks and better hygiene can slow down the spread of the virus because these… Read more »

Is Corona virus like the flu?

Corona is not the flu but they have much in common. Influenza mutates freely so the vaccine is always an educated guess that works better some years than others. Every year hundreds of thousands of us get the flu and even with take up of the vaccine, on average 17,000 die. Of those that do… Read more »

Viruses – It’s their world, we just live in it!

Viruses existed long before the dawn of humans and will survive long after we’ve gone. We have developed a means of surviving and thriving in their world. It’s called the immune system and it’s founded on exposure to nasties. The best way to optimise a healthy immune system is by socialising with other people. If… Read more »

Covid 19 and older people

Statistics will tell you that being over 70, or even over 50 increase your risks of becoming gravely ill with Covid19. There are natural changes in your body that make any illness harder to shake as you age, plus the older you are, the more likely it becomes that you will begin to suffer from… Read more »